At St. Thomas Classical Academy, students, parents, and faculty accompany one another in the pursuit of wisdom. Our rigorous classical education and cultivation of an authentic Catholic culture allow our students to encounter truth, goodness, and beauty and to deepen their love for Christ, His Mother, and His Church.

Our Vision

Supporting Parents

 In a hybrid model, our teachers and board members support parents in the education of their children. Teachers and parents work as co-educators to implement a unified curriculum.




Cultivating Catholic Culture

At STCA, we envision faculty, parents, students, and clergy joining together in the pursuit of the wisdom of Christ crucified. To do this, we believe that we need look no further than the liturgy of our Catholic faith to guide us, centering our days, weeks, months, and years around the liturgy.

Pursuing Wisdom

 We seek to give our students a foundation in truth and love to prepare for a life of philosophy, the love of wisdom. While we draw out and encourage our students’ desire to know the truth, we also seek to mold their wills to choose the good and order their desires to love what is beautiful through the habits of virtue. Ultimately, we pray that the students may have the discipline and courage to fulfill their true purpose: to joyfully follow the Truth, the Logos Himself.

Our Western Heritage

The western tradition and the natural world offer a wealth of truth, goodness, and beauty. At St. Thomas Classical Academy, we immerse ourselves in the beauty and order of art, literature, music, poetry, Latin, mathematics, and the natural world. Through these gifts, we seek to awaken a sense of wonder in our students, encouraging them to pursue their natural desire for virtue and knowledge.