The western tradition and the natural world offer a wealth of truth, goodness, and beauty. At St. Thomas Classical Academy, we immerse ourselves in the beauty and order of art, literature, music, poetry, Latin, mathematics, and the natural world. Through these gifts, we seek to awaken a sense of wonder in our students, encouraging them to pursue their natural desire for virtue and knowledge.

Classical curriculum

As a classical school, St. Thomas Classical Academy holds to the following educational principles: 

  • We embrace our western heritage, beginning with the history and literature of the Catholic Church and Western Civilization. Students encounter salvation history through the lens of the Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian heritage in a curriculum that includes art, poetry, history, and literature.

  • We are guided by all that is true, good, and beautiful in choosing curriculum, decor, language, manners, and discipline, the goal being to awaken our students’ natural desire for virtue.

  • We study ancient languages, primarily Latin, so that students can read and study literature in the original language.

  • We follow an integrated curriculum covering religion, math, language arts, science, history, poetry, geography, Latin, music, logic, and art.

  • We embrace the “three ways” of knowing in the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. In addition, we introduce our students to the “four ways” of knowing in the Quadrivium: Music, Astronomy, Geometry, and Arithmetic. Doing so, we begin a student's life-long quest for the liberal arts, enabling each student to live freely according to God’s law.

  • We use traditional teaching methods, focusing first on mastery of material and then the drawing of connections between all subjects.

Teaching methods

You can expect your child to 

  • Love school. We are introducing our students to the beauty and truth of the western heritage. Not only is the material rich and beautiful, but the teaching methods are designed for children. We learn through story, song, poetry, and even dance and movement, awakening the students' natural desire to learn and pursue truth.

  • Be challenged and successful. A classical education is for all students, not just the advanced or gifted. Our small class size enables the tutor and parent to work together to make sure that every student is learning at the right level, exploring new material, and advancing with the class.


STCA will offer the following subjects for Grammar students: Latin, Language Arts, Literature, Writing, History, Geography, and Science. Junior High students will also be offered classes in Logic and World Events. The Grammar and Logic sections also have memory work that includes history, religion, science, Latin, and a timeline. These grades use the memory work as the framework to immerse ourselves in each cycle of history and literature, with other subjects drawing from and relating to the same cycle. Our four-year cycle began with Ancient history and literature in 2018. In 2019, we will move into the Medieval and early Renaissance cycle. We will use the following resources in Grammar and Junior high classes:

Classically Catholic Memory

RC History

Classical Core Curriculum

 The high school classes engage in Socratic discussions about primary sources they have read at home in the subjects of History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology, Latin, Math, and Science


If you are interested in learning more about classical education, the following books, articles, and web sites might be helpful for you. 

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Children playing soccer at recess. STCA has nearly 2 hours of breaks for the children during the school day so that the children have time to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Children playing soccer at recess. STCA has nearly 2 hours of breaks for the children during the school day so that the children have time to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.